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Technical Tools

'Zero' Rating System Reviews

Not all rating systems are created equal.  Here is an overview of different 'zero' rating systems currently offered.


Definitions Translator (coming soon)

This slide deck gives you the basics on how to promote NZC buildings or better.


Carbon Offsets Reviews (coming soon)

We can just offset all of our emissions right?  Wait, what is an offset?  This document explains key things to look for when offsetting. 


Path to Zero Carbon Series

LMN Architects has created an excellent Path to Zero Carbon Series that outlines the following:

01 – An Honest Conversation on Zero Carbon

02 – Whose Responsibility is Carbon, Anyway?

03 – Toward Zero Carbon Architecture

04 – The Science of Global Warming (coming soon)

05 – Carbon Emissions + Time (coming soon)


Code Metric Reviews (coming soon)

Codes have started addressing GHG emissions but some have added confusion for owners.  This document outlines key codes and how they translate to NZC.

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