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Net Zero Carbon Building is About


to Drawdown Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Building Sector

This website is dedicated towards finding solutions to make new and existing buildings net zero carbon.  The solutions include toolkits for policy makers, designers and building occupants.  

Please join the Net Zero Carbon (NZC) Network Forum to start conversations with others working to achieve NZC on their buildings.


The policy toolkit explores current global policies on NZC buildings through links to programs, example language and policy performance reviews.

The designer toolkit explores design solutions for new buildings and retrofits.  There are guides, links and resources to help teams achieve NZC.

Occupant toolkit

Since NZC buildings only perform as well as they're operated the occupant toolkit contains guidelines for individuals on how they can sustain NZC performance.

The NZC Building blog + news share updates on successful projects, new technologies and cultural solutions.

The NZC Building podcast brings experts on to discuss solutions for achieving NZC performance. 

The NZC network is an online forum for people to share ideas, connect and support each other in the creation of NZC buildings.


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