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Initial idea of chaos in architecture + finding AI

I started working on a short film for the AIA Film Challenge a few months ago with a rough idea of making a film about the chaos all architects face in practice. The core concept was to explore the feelings of projects being out of control and how architects must find the will and skills to steer them back into control. Overcoming obstacle after obstacle is part of the practice of architecture if you want to make something great.

I created about 20 iterations of the film and it started out very different than it ended up. Here was my first sketch of an idea.

About a month ago the entire short film took a very different path after I found a new tool called Midjourney that allows you to create imagery with artificial intelligence. It took awhile to steer it in the direction I wanted to go. Interacting with it has been one of the most curious creative endeavors of my life. Here are some images from the process.

This was earlier in my process, lots of the images turn out kind of strange.

This was towards the end of my process. Images like this started really capturing the abstract idea of net zero carbon and regenerative architecture.


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